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On Television

ABC 7 Los Angeles Eyewitness Newsmakers: Breaking Down the 7 Propositions on California's election ballot

CBS 2 Los Angeles Sacramento Lawmakers Debate Major Bills

Spectrum 1 News LGBTQ+ Policy Change in Orange County

CBS 2 Los Angeles New details revealed surrounding Former President Trump's indictment

CBS 2 Los Angeles Political science professor on Biden reelection campaign

Spectrum 1 News Former VP Mike Pence makes stop in SoCal

CBS 2 Los Angeles It's Official: LA County election results certified by Registrar's office

CBS 5 Bay Area Post-Election Analysis

Spectrum 1 News In ailing LA, Mayor-elect Karen Bass promises unity, change


Spectrum 1 News Redistricting Changes Layout of 41st Congressional District


Spectrum 1 News Leaked Audio from City Council Revealed Redistricting Insights

NBC 4 Los Angeles Vice Mayor and City Councilwoman Will Likely Square Off for Long Beach Mayor Seat

Spectrum 1 News Understanding the Importance of Your Local Judicial Races

ABC 7 Los Angeles Morning News Recall Questions

ABC 7 Los Angeles Instagram Live Recall Election Questions

ABC 7 Los Angeles Importance of the Youth Vote in the Recall Election

ABC 7 Los Angeles Ask the Doctor Segment: California's Recall Election

ABC 7 Bay Area regarding Governor Newsom visit to El Salvador

Interview with ABC 7 Bay Area regarding President Trump's visit to California

On Radio

KNX 97.1 In Depth August GOP Debate and Trump Georgia Arrest

KNX 97.1 In Depth Special Edition: The third arraignment of former President Donald Trump


Australian Broadcasting Corporation Trump Indicted for a Third Time

KNX 97.1 The Federal Indictment Against Former President Trump

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Trump Indicted Over Classified Documents Case

KNX 97.1 The Race to Replace Diane Feinstein

KNX 97.1 Whipping Votes on the Debt Limit Deal


KNX 1070 State of the Union Speech Coverage

KNX 1070 Crowded Field for US House Race in Burbank

KNX 1070 US House Speakership Undecided After 7th Vote

KNX 97.1 Morning News Newsom Calls Special Legislative Session on Gas Prices


KNX 97.1 Morning News Post-Election Coverage

KNX 97.1 Morning News: City Council Hot Mic


KNX 97.1 In Depth Radio Show: Bass Caruso Debate Analysis

KPCC 89.3 A Proposal to Let Santa Ana's Non-Citizens Vote is Shelved


Bloomberg CityLab Podcast Bedrock USA, Episode 2: "It's Not Going to Be Peaceful Much Longer" (@36th minute)

KNX 97.1 In Depth Radio Show: Primary Election Day Preview

In Print Media

Republican presidential hopefuls head to Southern California this week


Democrat or Republican? Meet 3 Orange County Voters Rejecting Both Labels

Bloomberg Washington D.C. Palm Springs’ Congressman in Crosshairs as GOP Nixes Gay Funding

Finland joins NATO and becomes 31st member in alliance

Long Beach council rejects ban on targeted picketing near residential homes

LA County Board of Supervisors expansion could help representation but do voters want it?

How will artificial intelligence change the classroom?


Amended state law tightens restrictions on contributions to politicians​

Will California's diverse legislature equate to policy changes for women and LGBTQ+ communities?


Will this be the most diverse California Legislature ever?

Both candidates cautiously optimistic in razor-thin 5th District City Council race

Los Angeles voters' interest in politics increases after a leaked city council recording

California campaign finance law could lead to big change for local politics

In 69th Assembly race, the candidate without political experience is favored

Campaign complaints have been filed in the Long Beach mayoral race, but they rarely result in fines


As cannabis votes near, beach cities officials grapple with tough choices

Why are Californians bankrolling ‘high stakes’ national races in states where they don’t vote?

CSULB Professor: Long Beach election results show turnout is vital

A City Hall critic’s lead in the race for city attorney has some insiders spooked

Voter turnout has so far been low for the June primary in Long Beach and beyond

Campaign mailer roils mayoral race with accusations of defunding Long Beach Police Department

Student Voices: What's the right balance between in-person and online instruction in college?

Governor Gavin Newsom will face little-known challengers for second term

Todd Spitzer's missteps could provide opening for opponents in O.C. DA's race

Moderate Common-Sense Party hopes to get on 2022 ballot in California

Politicians Use Covid-19 to Raise Cash, is that Healthy?

With 2022 campaign on the horizon, Gov. Gavin Newsom has the public stage to himself

Newsom Recall: What you Need to Know

Capitol Hill post-inauguration: what Biden has done so far​

A look back at Trump’s term ahead of Biden’s inauguration​

Trump impeached for second time in historic vote

CSULB political science professors react to insurrection at Capitol Hill

PACs poured money into Long Beach’s election; sorting who gave and why is a challenge

Political science professors’ at CSULB react to election, “democracy is based on trust”​

Covid-19 to impact voter turnout

Opinion Editorial "Single-payer coverage is best path forward for California and maybe others"

Interview with ABC 7 Bay Area regarding President Trump's visit to California

Moderator for the Citrus Heights City Council Debate (Sacramento Metro Cable)

Interview with Davis Political Review about Race Politics Course

Quoted in The State Hornet "Sac State poll predicts most ballot propositions will pass"

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