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About Matt Lesenyie


I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at California State University, Long Beach. I am expert in voter behavior, campaign strategy, state and local politics, and campaign finance reform. I regularly field media requests (See local newscast appearances).

My current research projects examine: (1) the effects of campaign finance disclosures in advertisements; (2) Californian's opinions about prison conditions; (3) Californian's attitudes toward firefighters and government services.

Post-college I worked in Governor Schwarzenegger's Office of Constituent Affairs & the Office of Planning and Research.  I held a year-long fellowship in the Office of the State Assembly Chief Clerk where, per Engrossing and Enrolling guidelines, I amended legislation by hand with red and blue pencils.  I also spent four years at Nielsen Merksamer, the top grossing lobbying firm in California. At NM, I worked on proposition campaigns, led the firm's fundraising program, and worked hundreds of bills.

I've been preparing for a career teaching political science for over a decade. My practical experience has sharpened the questions I ask, heightened my passion and enthusiasm for the topic, and sustained the confidence I have in our political systems. Primarily, I'm a researcher who is passionate about educating efficacious young citizens. Serving the university community is important too, so I keep a busy schedule with mentorship, administrative and graduate service commitments. 

See my CV, awards, media, and university service pages for more details.

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